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We’ve consulted with over 12,000 patients. Talk on the phone or video consult with a licensed specialist for just $50. 

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Family Doctor Live is the premier telemedicine provider in the United States. Our nationwide team of healthcare professionals is available 7 days a week. If you’re feeling unwell, you can schedule a consultation with a general practitioner or specialist from the comfort of your home or office. Rather than sitting in a waiting room for hours for a simple solution, our doctors will help solve your problems quickly and effectively through a simple phone or video call.

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Better health begins now

In our consultation, your doctor can get a picture of your lifestyle, accommodations, habits, and other important health factors.

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Convenience + Safety

Traveling when you're unwell can be inconvenient, difficult, and even unsafe. Let our doctors bring their knowledge and expertise to you to help you spend more time getting better.

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Less stress, more results

You choose an appointment time: 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your doctor isn’t rushed-there’s plenty of time to talk and to develop a plan of care.

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Comprehensive medical advice.

Family Doctor Live offers a number of general health and specialized services designed to provide quality, accessible, and successful health care to everyone. Your health and safety is our primary concern, which is why our doctors are available for you and your family 365 days a year, with extended hours for added convenience.

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$50 with or without insurance.

No Insurance, No Problem – our service costs one $50 Flat fee – no hidden charges, no bills later.

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